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Adoption Policies & FAQ's


Before filling out an adoption application, we would encourage you to read through our adoption policies and FAQs.

What does the adoption process involve?

All adopters are subject to completion of an adoption form, telephone interview, veterinary reference, home check and either a follow up telephone call or visit, post adoption.

Can I adopt if I have children?

We do not accept applications from families who have children under the age of 8 years old, as many of our rescues come from traumatic situations. We will consider adopters with children who are 8 and over, dependent on previous experience and the dog applied for.

Can I adopt if I live in rented accommodation?

If you live in rented accommodation, we will require proof from the landlord that they are happy for you to keep dogs. This must be submitted along with your adoption application. 

Are the dogs healthy?

Upon being rescued, all of our dogs are checked over by our trusted vets, are health screened and are vaccinated. We also spay and neuter all our dogs before they complete their 2 month quarantine period. Any medical or health issues that we are aware of will be mentioned on the dogs adoption listing. However, we do advise you to take your dog to your local vet upon adoption, as they can often pick things up on flights. 

Are the dogs toilet trained? 

We cannot guarantee that any of the dogs available for adoption are toilet trained. Dogs that come into our care are often rescued from slaughter houses, meat markets, and breeders who are selling them for meat. This means they may never have experienced a home or any basic training. 

Are the dogs good with cats and other dogs?

In some cases, we are able to test a dog's reaction to cats at our vets. If so and where possible, this will be mentioned on the dog's adoption listing. However, we cannot always guarantee this. Our dogs are well socialised during their 2 month quarantine period at our boarding facility in Beijing, but this is not a guarantee that they will get on with all dogs. If you have existing dogs in your home, slow introductions will be needed. 

What are your requirements? 

- We ask that all homes have a secure garden. 

- The dog must have regular access to large open areas such as beaches, fields and parks.
- The dog should not be left alone for long periods, but if necessary, appropriate care should be organised, such as dog walkers or doggy day care.
- The adopter must have the financial means to look after their dog - once a dog is adopted, it's the adopter's responsibility to pay for all               veterinary bills. Adopters must also be aware that when adopting a dog from China, many of our rescues have lifelong and life-limiting conditions   due to the abuse and neglect they have suffered.

- All our dogs will be adopted under the agreement that they will only ever be house dogs and an integrated member of the family.
- If at any point you can no longer keep your dog, they must be returned to us. 

How much is your adoption fee?

Our adoption fee is £600 and this goes towards the dog's transport costs. On successfully passing a home check, the adopter must pay a £200 deposit. If at any point you withdraw from the adoption, your adoption fee is non refundable. The reason for this is as in the event of no adopter, we need to ensure the funds for the unadopted dog can still be raised to get them into foster care. The remaining £400 is payable no later than 1 week before your dog is due to fly.

The local adoption fee of dogs surrendered into our care in Northern Ireland is £275. Mainland U.K adoption fee is £450. This is payable on signing your adoption contract after home check.

If I don't live in the U.K can I still adopt from you? 

Yes, we work with many partnered rescues throughout Europe and the U.S. You can find details of dogs going to our partner rescues on our adoption page. 
We currently do not offer private adoptions, as we believe all rescue dogs should have charity back up and lifetime support.

How will I collect my dog?

Don’t worry, we won’t make you fly to China (although if you would like to, that would be great!)
Our rescues land in Paris and we then drive to the Liverpool ferry terminal and back to Northern Ireland (where we are based). We can meet you at a convenient point on our journey.

How do I apply to adopt? 

If you are still interested in adopting and feel you meet the criteria for a rescue dog from China, you can apply here.

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