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Meet our disabled dogs.

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Here at Little China Dog Rescue, we believe that every dog deserves a chance, none more so than disabled dogs. We currently have a number of disabled dogs in our care who will be looking for foster homes and forever homes. We are also fundraising to buy each of them a custom made wheelchair - you can donate towards this in our online shop or by using the 'donate' button. Find out more about them below.

Daisy was rescued from BoHe’s shelter during our visit in October 2019. Our founder Gabby spotted her on the floor, other dogs were jumping over her and she was unable to get to food or water. Sadly, she is unable to use her back legs, so she will require a wheelchair to get around. Daisy has found a forever home in Northern Ireland, when flights resume.

Arthur was rescued from a slaughter house in August 2019 by Plush Bear. He has spinal compression, most likely from a collapsed disc. Unfortunately this had been left too long and there is nothing our veterinary team can do to regain his mobility. We will be fitting him with a custom made wheelchair to help him get around. Arthur is still looking for a home, when flights resume.

Eclipse was found by Brother (the shelter owner we work with) She was days away from being euthanized when we stepped in to take over her care. The vets have diagnosed her with a version of bell’s palsy. She is able to walk unaided for short periods by herself, but we feel a wheelchair would help her to stay active for longer periods of time. Eclipse will be available for adoption, when flights resume.

Bob was another rescue saved by Brother. He was abandoned by his owners on a motorway during the Coronavirus outbreak, as they mistakenly thought he could be a carrier of the virus. He was then hit by a car, breaking his spine.

Our veterinary team operated on his spine to insert a metal plate, giving him less than a 5% chance of survival. Bob made it through his surgery, and since his operation, has been unstoppable! Sadly he will never regain the use of his legs, so will need a custom wheelchair to get about. He will be available for adoption, once flights resume.

Ariel was saved from a meat truck by BoHe and brought to her shelter, where she was not coping well. We took her into our care and our veterinary team have diagnosed her with wonky knees and no knee caps. She would benefit greatly from a custom made wheelchair to help her move around. Ariel will be available for adoption, once flights resume.

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1 Comment

lou lou
lou lou
Sep 15, 2020

omg just happened to come across your page amazing stuff your all doing i already have 2 dogs one massive 80kg mastiff boy and another little tiny tiny one 5lbs. iam married work full time have 2 grown adult children that also still live at home but i really think i can make space for another little one. .i would love to see some photos and give a furbaby a place to call home. can someone tell me where i can find photos of dogs needing homes please

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