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Anshan Shelter

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

Anshan Shelter is one of the smaller shelters located in China and is run by a local Buddhist called Brother, who wants his kids as he calls them (dogs) to live happy lives. This shelter currently receives no international help and the conditions the dogs are living in need much improvement.

We have agreed to help.

OUR MISSION. Alongside One Paw At A Time Rescue, Fight Dog Meat, And Great Bulls Of China, our mission is to pull as many of these dogs from this shelter as possible, provide them with the veterinary care they need and find them loving new homes. We also aim to improve the conditions of the shelter for the remaining dogs by providing them with warm beds, coats, high quality food, and vaccinations, while they await their turn to be rescued and find a forever home. While flights are grounded for our dogs, as a team, we are using this time to our advantage. We are not standing still! We have been hard at work helping Brother build this facility with your donations. Phase one of our outdoor kennels is complete and a sun shade was fitted this week.

This will act as a halfway house and will have capacity for 150 dogs. It will be where dogs can have security, post rescue. They will be provided with adequate food, shelter, basic disease screening and vaccinations, before finally moving to Dr Kevin, Dr Wu and then Judith in the Safehaven for final international preparations before they fly to their forever homes. But we can’t do all this without your help. Please consider helping us by donating to our mission.

You can keep up to date with the latest progress regarding this mission by following us on Facebook and Instagram, where we post updates daily. (We will still be rescuing dogs from BoHe’s shelter in China, using the halfway house we fundraised for, to keep our rescues safe from the elements. While we have huge respect for BoHe and the amazing work she does, we will not be investing any further money on improvements to her shelter. This is due to differing opinions on welfare. Getting dogs out of her shelter and into loving homes will still be one of our top priorities.)

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