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Freedom flights are taking off

As you may be aware due to Covid-19 international flights have been cancelled, meaning we haven't been able to fly dogs out of China for the past 8 months. UNTIL NOW!!

After almost eight months of waiting we received the news we had been waiting for! A small number of flights have resumed, and we have managed to secure some freedom flights from China to the U.K. With over 90 dogs currently in China, so of whom have been waiting over a year now to get the the U.K we really need to make the most of this opportunity. But we need your help!! Due to flights being very limited the costs of flying each dog has increased from around £650 to £2,000 - £2,500, we desperately need help fundraising. Whether you'd like to make a one off donation, purchase something from our online shop, or hold a fundraiser in our honor we would VERY much appreciate it (and so would our pups). Every penny really does help, and will help get each pup closer to where they belong, a loving forever home. For details on who is due to fly and when, please visit our Facebook page.

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