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Do you want to volunteer with us?

Be a flight volunteer, and be the final step in a dogs rescue story, reaching their new forever home. 
There are two types of flight volunteer. 

Flight hero's

These are the volunteers who fly out to Beijing to pick up our rescue dogs, and then fly straight back. 

Or who are already flying that route for work, or travel. 
We can book our dogs on to your ticket at no extra cost, or hassle to you or your flight. (Traveling from Beijing to Paris or Dublin via Air France or Aeroflot.)

Rescue and rehab team

This is the same as a flight hero, except you wish to join us, or other local rescues based in China. 
You can join our team on one of our scheduled rescue trips. 
Or if you are already traveling to China we can arrange a volunteer placement for you with one of the shelters we work with.

Cost and requirements

Your must be over 18 years of age. 

Flights £400-£1000
Chinese visa £175
Rabies vaccine £200
Accommodation £300

If you're interested in volunteering for us, please contact us with your travel dates. 

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