Ollie, the little dog that started a whole rescue organisation.

Est on the 27th of January 2018 with the arrival of our first rescues from China.
We established all because of one little dog called Ollie.

Ollie was rescued in the autumn of 2017 by a local lady from Harbin’s meat markets after 4 years of medical testing. She contacted Harbin SHS as she was concerned that Ollie and 2 other disabled poodles that she had rescued would not survive Harbin’s harsh winters of sub 20 degrees in her exposed shelter. Harbin SHS took Ollie in and discovered that he had severe muscle atrophy, spinal curvature and badly deformed limbs. 

On the 19th October 2017, Gabrielle Gardiner and Christopher Sheehan from Northern Ireland decided that they had to help. After a lot of research, they contacted Harbin SHS to get Ollie to the UK for the care he needed. Gabrielle and Chris did not yet know it but they were about to become founders of Doggy 911 Rescue (now renamed Little China Dog Rescue) with a passion to help more dogs like Ollie.

We know 100% when our dogs go from us to Little China Dog Rescue, they will continue to receive all the love and care possible — Emily Parker, Co-founder of Harbin SHS

Our Mission

To find safe and loving homes in the UK and Ireland for dogs rescued from the most horrific of scenarios including slaughterhouses, meat trucks and medical testing facilities. We also aim to provide advanced veterinary care for our rescue dogs in foster homes who require (but not limited to) neurology, orthopaedics and cardiology; using specialists who are world and European leading.


Our Vision

To see the meat trade and medical testing in China abolished and for every dog to forget their past and find a loving forever home. 

We need your support today to help more dogs like Ollie


Gabby Gardiner


Finding out about the extent of abuse of the meat trade and the fact so many dogs are failed medically, I had to make sure these pups got all the medical support, care and love they needed and found loving homes. 


Chris Sheehan